.Net MAUI – Is out! Release Candidate with go-live license

Microsoft has made available the release candidate of .NET MAUI (Multi-platform App UI), complete with a go-live license for developers who cannot wait to ship applications using the technology.

MAUI is based on Xamarin forms and was originally intended to ship with .NET 6.0, but was not ready in time. It represents the company’s solution for .NET developers targeting multiple platforms, with those supported being Android, iOS, Mac and Windows, with the Windows variant being WinUI 3, for a look and feel in line with Windows 10 and 11. Apple Watch is not currently supported.

Microsoft’s .NET technology has been cross-platform since the introduction of .NET Core in 2016, but mainly for server-side and web development. This project is the closest thing to an official GUI framework for cross-platform .NET.

Principal Program Manager David Ortineau said that MAUI improves on Xamarin Forms in several ways. There is multi-window support, and new controls such as Border, GraphicsView and MenuBar, and BlazorWebView which enables a Blazor web app to be hosted within a .NET MAUI application. Blazor includes .NET components that render a web user interface. A table of differences between Xamarin Forms and MAUI can be found here.

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