Mimecast support

Mimecast support

Aston Berkeley Mimecast Support

As enterprise security leaders continuously work to mitigate risk and look to replace legacy point solutions with more robust cloud-centric security architectures, their partnership choices become more critical to success. Mimecast’s value begins with the most effective cloud-native platform for the #1 threat vector: email.

Mimecast support

Email consistently accounts for 90%+ of all new attacks. Moreover, email threats are often the first signal of emerging attacks against other networks and cloud entry points. Since protecting email has never been more mission-critical, you need technology that’s best-in-class.

Mimecast’s unified, cloud-based Secure Email Gateway with Targeted Threat Protection defends against all forms of email compromise, from the newest zero-day attack to ransomware. Use our fully integrated information protection solutions to control outbound attachments, prevent data loss, extend encryption and keep email flowing no matter what.

Mimecast email security is easy to deploy, customise, and manage – and it works.

Organisations and employees are targets for increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks designed to steal money, credentials, customer data and other valuable intellectual property. Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection defends against spear-phishing, ransomware, impersonation and other targeted email attacks.

Mimecast’s cloud-based Secure Email Gateway protects organizations and employees using any cloud or on-premises email platform. It defends against inbound spear-phishingmalwarespam and zero-day attacks by combining innovative applications and policies with multiple detection engines and intelligence feeds.

Your information, and ultimately your business’ reputation, is protected by outbound scanning of all emails to block threats and prevent malicious or unintentional loss of sensitive or confidential information.

As direct partners with Mimecast, Aston Berkeley can implement a bespoke Mimecast support solution for your business ensuring maximum protection of your data and business communications.  

To learn more about Mimecast support click here or contact us directly to discuss further on 01925 751100.


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