Batch Recorder for Sage 50

Batch Recorder for Sage 50

Aston Berkeley Batch Recorder for Sage 50.

BatchRecorder provides additional functionally to Sage 50 which enables the user to record Batch or Serial Numbers against stock transactions and sales invoices.

BatchRecorder provides a simple and efficient way to record the stock movement and sales of items requiring batch / lot traceability or sell by information. Full batch details are recorded on Sages stock transaction history and are available on standard Sage reports. Batch details are recorded on Sage invoices which can be printed, faxed or emailed automatically to your clients. An automatic archive provides a full history of invoice information including batch details.

The key to the systems success is simplicity; it can be easily added to existing Sage 50 systems or installed as new. Existing sage users require no additional training.

Sage 50 has an excellent reputation and is used by thousands of businesses. The system has a fully integrated comprehensive purchase and sales order system and is used by both small and large companies.

We are aware there are several companies who run either manual or separate systems to provide additional information which Sage cannot provide. One example of this is batch or serial recording and sell by date information. Batch Recorder for Sage 50 bridges this gap.

t allows companies to continue using Sage 50 rather than migrating to a much more expensive solution. 

Batch Recorder for Sage 50 is updated as soon as the new version of Sage gets released so you can continue working if you update your version of Sage.

(BatchRecorder updates are required to allow new Sage versions to be installed. They are supplied FOC including installation as part of our support plan.)

Batch Recorder for Sage 50 features.
Integrated Menu

You will be able to see our BatchRecorder icon located in the products and services option within Sage which make it is very easy to access, giving seamless full integration. It provides a simple menu giving access to all the features within BatchRecorder so everything is run within Sage. The icons within menu can be taken away if user isn’t required to have access to them.

Stock Take

We have our own Stock Take which allows you to bring all your products into BatchRecorder without having to run manual adjustments.


Purchase Orders:

In sage you can create a purchase order and use our GRN routine to book in receipts. Using our GRN routine to process the PO will allow you to enter batch information in against the stock. On entering the purchase order number all the details are displayed and extra options like customisable fields and location are set to default. These extra fields can be changed or disabled if aren’t required.

When GRN is saved you can see the Batch entry in the Products Activity page. 

From the Sales Order Processing you can also export the Pick list to excel which is very useful for the warehouse who need to pick stock.

SOP Allocation

Allocating products can be done using our Sales Order Processing routine which allows selections of batches for each product. Multiple batches can be selected for one product. We also have an auto allocate feature that automatically allocates batches based on the expiry date

Enquiry Screens

In addition to adding the Batch information to the standard Sage stock transaction we hold an additional database which provides a full audit trail. All of our enquiry screens give you an ability to export the displayed information to Excel at a touch of a button. You can view list of your batches, check what’s in stock along with the top-level information about each Batch/Product.

An example of the Batch list information exported directly to Excel.

Manual Adjustments

In addition to bringing stock in using Purchase Orders and taking it out using Sales Order we also provide routines which allow for manual adjustments of the stock in and out. 

For more information or to discuss Batch Recorder for Sage 50 and how it can work for you and your business please call Andrew Morley on 01925 751100 or email directly to


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