Plastic Packaging Tax for Sage 50c

Plastic Packaging Tax For Sage50c

Aston Berkeley, the IT solutions and support expert, is proud to announce that it is developing a brand-new programme to aid businesses affected by the introduction of the new plastic packaging manufacturing tax. 

The tax, which is being enforced by the UK Government from April 1, 2022, is set to affect businesses which manufacture or import 10 or more tonnes of plastic packaging within a 12-month period.  

Aston Berkeley is offering a state of the art add on to all Sage 50c users – which will provide a simple and cost-effective solution to the required legislation. 


Planned since 2018, the plastic packaging tax is a government scheme which will impose a tax on the manufacture of plastic packaging with less than 30 per cent recycled content.  

From April 1, 2022, businesses will be required to keep records of weight details of each plastic packaging component, evidence of recycled content, and evidence of why any exemption applies.  

If the tax applies, it’s charged at £200 per tonne of packaging. The business must register ahead of the first quarterly recording period (June 2022) and a tax return must be filed.  

Plastic packaging with 30 per cent or more recycled content isn’t affected, but the use of all plastics must be logged by businesses.


We are introducing an add on programme, suitable for Sage 50c users, which will enable businesses to log all required data in a quick and easy manner. 

This will mean that we can help companies save money, as by using our service they won’t be required to upgrade to more costlier programmes – such as Sage 200 – in order to record the information required by Government.  

The Aston Berkeley Sage 50c add on programme will log all sales transactions that are subject to the new levy. It will also be able to log the data of plastic packaging with 30 per cent or more recyclable materials, of which is exempt from the new tax but will still need to be recorded.  

Although many details are yet to be finalised by Government, the Aston Berkeley transaction database will allow full analysis and reporting of all the relevant transactions in relation to the new plastic tax. The tax will be paid on a quarterly basis, like VAT, with the first report due to be submitted in June.  

As well as logging data, the Aston Berkeley add on model will also include an option for companies to recharge the tax to their customers and show full details on invoices. If not detailing charges on invoices, a separate statement of tax paid is available for the customer.   

 And companies not yet prepared for the tax introduction from April 1 needn’t worry – Aston Berkeley’s system can report retrospectively, offering companies plenty of time to record their data, ahead of the end of the first accounting period on June 30.  


Our custom-built programme will feature:  

  • A database of products related to the scheme 
  • Maintenance of plastic packaging tax codes  
  • A tax calculation service 
Information will be extracted from Sage 50c such as the weight of the plastics being recorded, and whether a tax is due or not. If a tax is not due, due to the plastic containing 30 per cent or more recycled materials, or being exempt for any reason, this will be noted. Our system will also be able to log the exact percentages of any recycled materials, and flag due diligence. There will also be an optional Sage code which will allow businesses to apply a detailed tax charge on their customer invoices. (This is optional – the tax can also be included in the sales price) 
Tax will be accurately calculated on all applicable products and held on a separate transaction file. The tax included within the sales value to the customer will be posted to a specific nominal code. And reports and screen enquiries will show the full audit trail and identify the tax payable.  

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