New Products


Our new state of the art programme will assist with adding on multiple stock locations and recording batch details, enabling increased functionality for our existing valued customers.  

Avoid Unnecessary Costs

This new add on eliminates any reason to migrate to larger systems, such as Sage 200, which as a result will save customers thousands of pounds.  

The system is completely stress-free, and will work around any updates to Sage 50c. No additional training in order to use the software is required.

Andrew Morley, director, Aston Berkeley said: “Ason Berkeley is committed to helping customers get the most out of their Sage 50c system. We have developed this add on functionality to allow you to keep using the system you’re familiar, with rather than being forced to upgrade to a more complex and expensive system.  

“Our motto is – Keep It simple, you don’t need a sledgehammer to crack a nut.”   

Key features:

  • The system allows users to add on unlimited locations, using their own bespoke location codes. Stock can then be transferred from one location to another.
  • Locations can be assigned to sales orders, either manually or automatically.
  • Full batch traceability can always be accessed, and allocated or dispatched.
  • Record sell by and expiry dates and additional expiry date warnings.

Like the sound of WarehouseController?

We are happy to provide a virtual no obligation comprehensive demonstration so you can see the system in action and ask and questions regarding how it could help your company. For more information you can get in touch by phone on 01925 751100 or email –

plastic Packaging Tax

We have been involved with Plastic Tax recording since the UK government created the new law in 2022. We have developed a simple and effective method of recording the weight and the tax of plastic packaging items and producing the statutory reports. The product has been developed in close connection with a major manufacturer of plastic packaging.


For those users who need to hunt out the best prices and create purchase orders before the sales order this add-on allows you to automatically create a sales order based on the purchase order.