Sage Purchase Order to Sales Order

Sage Purchase Order to Sales Order

Create Sales order from your purchase orders

By default Sage gives an option to create Purchase Orders from your Sales Order but some people might work in a slightly different way, where you go off and create a Sales Order based on their Purchase Order. 

Our tool allows you to do just that which helps you to save time by not having to create an entire order from scratch.

How Will the tool help me?

Our tool allows you to bring your Purchase Order lines across to a new Sales Order, which will save you time (and money) by not having to re-enter all of the details again. 

All you have to do is enter Purchase Order number, select the Customer it’s for and decide if you want to use Sage Stock Prices and if you want to Add Carriage to the Sales Order and finish by click of a button. 

The number of clicks goes down from minimum of 5 clicks (that’s by creating a simple 1 item line order with no carriage and default price given and possibly much more when you need to add more lines or add carriage) to as little as 3 click to max of 5 clicks to have the entire Purchase Order recreated as a Sales Order.

Features of POP to SOP: