Text Bomb Feb 2018


If you receive a text message to an apple device with an Indian symbol on it then please do not open it. The message contains a bug that will crash the device and disable apps like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Outlook and Gmail. Apple are working on a security fix that will be included in the next iOS update.

Sage Fake Subscription Emails Feb 2018


We have recently been made aware of an email scam doing the rounds that appears to be from Sage.

The emails will possibly come from @sagepayments {dot }org Linking to: www{dot}artevimiento{dot}com.

The email contains a link which leads to a malicious macro enabled Word document.

This time the malicious actors have specifically customised the doc to look like a Sage document (see below) - with a note requesting that Macros are enabled if document can't be viewed (and it purposefully looks corrupted).

Do not open the link or enable macros for the document.